Giving yourself permission

wednesdays with wayne Sep 04, 2019

It continues to surprise me how many people seek permission to be better, to step up into their greatness.  Even in working with my high-level high-performance clients, people you might think would be “crushing it” out there, the question of “is it okay to do this?” arises for them.

So the nudge you get from me in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne is simply this:  Not only do you have permission to step into your next best version of yourself, but it’s necessary to do so.   

Just imagine yourself today making the same decisions in the same way you did ten years ago!  The you of a decade ago thought about things differently and therefore discerned what was best for yourself based on knowledge you had then.  You’re not that same you.  

Get it?  You’re not that same you.  And now, as this version of you, it’s imperative that you take your next steps deliberately and decisively.  You didn’t know you could decide whom you were to become. Now you know. Now that you know that you have choices about what to let into your life and what to exclude, you get to decide on the next course of action for yourself.

Be kind when doing so.  You don’t leap a mountain in a single step.  This is a journey. Your life is an amazing journey.  Your business, your relationships, your finances, your spiritual connection, all of it becomes deliberate in how you choose to engage in the world.

And that all starts with how you choose to engage with the person you see in the mirror, the person that you take to bed, and the person you are when you awaken.  I use a very specific process by which I measure my intentions and my actions. I have a personal vision to which I hold myself accountable and every night I reflect on whether I lived into that.

Here, the push is this:  What values do you choose to live into in order to become the next amazing version of yourself?  That’s not a sudden shift (although I’ve seen that, too). It’s a long string of baby-steps and course corrections.   Did you live into your vision of your best self today? No? How do you course-correct to do better tomorrow? Yes? How do you heighten that so you can use your intentions and actions foundationally for tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow)?

You have permission to be a better version of yourself.  NOT that there’s anything wrong with you now. You simply have permission to step into your next version of you, unapologetically.  


Scary?  A little.  And that’s what it takes to be the leader of your own life.  


You’ve got this!  

And, you’ve probably held off even exploring spending a couple of days with me to do some deep dive work on this, to create the life you want and deserve.  No big push here other than the fact that there are only 12 seats at the retreat on October 18th and 19th and they’re filling up.  Go to right now to check it out and hold your seat at the table with me.

Keep making your magic.  I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see this kind of growth!

~ Dr P ~

The point is to live everything.  Live the questions now.  
Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer. 
 – R M Rilke –

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