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wednesdays with wayne Jan 17, 2018

Just try to paint the Golden Gate Bridge!







It’s only a couple of weeks into January!  How can I feel so far behind already?  I’ve heard this from clients and people close to me.  It’s easy to understand how you might be feeling that way.  

You’re a high performing DynamicLeader®.  That means, you’re on the go and your to-do list is miles longer than anyone else’s.  The problem is, that to-do list might have once been a badge of honor.  It’s now a burden.  

So… what to do….?  What to do…?  

Dump everything onto your to-do list.  Not OFF of it, onto it.  Seriously, spend about 10 minutes and think of every little detail you need to do in the next week or month or quarter.  For example, not only did I have a stack of things I needed to scan and get out today, I also have travel arrangements I need to make for next month before costs go up.  Those were two items on my list.  I have about thirty more items.  And it’s those thirty other items that makes it feel like you’re running behind.

Will you ever catch up?

I like to think about the way that the Golden Gate Bridge’s maintenance is done.  Or Disneyland’s.  The key is how is it done?  Think about it.  It’s NEVER Done.  The work is done and then it’s time to do more work.  Sometimes it’s the same work.  Sometimes it’s new work.  

So there you are, staring at your list of five, twelve, or ninety-seven items.  It’s daunting and it’s only the second week of January.  Oh, now there’s one more distraction and one more thing on your list and…  

What’s the most urgent?
What, on your list, will cost you dearly if it’s not done this week?
What on your list is the hardest to do?
What on your list has the most steps involved?  Ahhhh, that’s kind of a trap.  You see, if you’ve listed a multi-step project, you must list the steps as to-do items, too.  Then you can get your “wins” along the way.

Okay, so what six items will you do today?
Anything beyond those key six items is awesome.  Maybe it’s that you must fit those six items into your already scheduled day.  Okay…  do that.  

Pick six.  

It’s really that simple.  

Seriously.  Try it.
You know I say that every time I have a great life-hack for you.
(Seriously, try it.  That’s code for this s**t works!”)
Just six items.  The most important six items.  Get those done.

And while you’re doing that, I have one more “to-do” for you.  This is time-limited, so it’s important to jump on this now.
Go to www.WaynePernell.com and look at Courses.

The Direct Power System course is yours for half-off through this month only.
I wanted you to jump into 2018 super-charged so this is a January 2018 special!!!

You’ll need a coupon code.

From $497 down to just $247… That’s half-off of this amazing course that’ll guide you the rest of the year.  It’s six modules to get your relationships in order, your communication leveled up for greater influence, and so much more.  

Use the code: CHOOSE2018 and you’ll get the Direct Power System course

Go here:

Direct Power System

Enter CHOOSE2018 and you’re on your way to an amazing 2018.  People love my stuff, but it’s not for everyone.  I understand that.  If you get into it and don’t like it, I’ll issue a refund.  I’m pretty sure you’ll like it, though.  

Okay – Three super quick things to do right now:

  1. Make your “dump” list – everything that you can think of that needs doing
  2. Identify your top six things for today (and do that every day or the night before)
  3. Go to: Direct Power System and enter CHOOSE2018  

This is going to be an amazing year.  For less than the cost of a decent cup of coffee, you can get your life back in shape.  Jump on this Direct Power System deal and CHOOSE2018.  

You’re not behind already, you’re just totally IN it!  

See you next time.  Until then, keep making your magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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