Driven By Values: LOVE

wednesdays with wayne Feb 06, 2024

How many businesses do you know that operate with LOVE as one of their core values? While some individuals might bashfully admit that they experience love and they like the idea of love, and somehow highlighting it publicly, especially as a core value, seems a little much.


It’s not.


From my DynamicLeader, Inc. Vision Statement comes this value:

Love – This is the thread that weaves through all of the values and the work.
We feel it, we create it, and we bring it to all that we do.


I have ten other core values I’ll be sharing with you over time. I think it’s important that you know how a human like me and a brand like mine lives. 


It doesn’t mean that I don’t have boundaries or might not have to do hard things sometimes. I do. And it’s still done with love. As an example, I’ve told a client that I wouldn’t abandon them and that I also wouldn’t rescue them. It’s self-serving and makes you a beautiful martyr when you’re in the rescuer role. It’s self-serving, it’s not love.


My family members each know that I love them.

My team members know that I love them.

My clients know that I love them.

My friends know that I love them.

And, my geriatric cats know that I love them, even if they continue to ignore me until they want something (as cats often do). 


In this, the month of Love, you don’t need a partner or child to feel or bring Love to all you do. You just need to tap into the energetic source from which you spring. That life force, let it out a little. Smile a little. Express yourself a little more fully. 


Lift the people around you without the need to get anything back for doing so.


That’s love.

It’s a driving force that is unfortunately all-too-often unacknowledged. 


Again, can a company really have LOVE as a core value?
                                    Yes, yes it can.


You know that when I write, it’s me, not some AI bot thing. This is a labor of love. I choose to leave these words here for you, to inspire you to think about some of the concepts throughout the day, week, month, or year.  


So today, as you seek further into February, think about love and where you can (appropriately) show it at home, at work, and in the world.


And if it’s confidence you’re after, CLICK HERE. I’ve got an idea for you!


See you here next week!

Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 


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