Doing Nothing Very Well

wednesdays with wayne Jan 09, 2019

The 80-year-old Japanese master softly utters these words:  

It looks like I’m doing nothing, but I’m doing it very well.

He smiles wryly and we all get it.  Leadership takes so many forms. 

He’s amazing and if you’ve ever been in the presence of a true master of his or her environment, you’re spellbound.  They demonstrate their craft effortlessly.

True mastery comes when you practice your craft and hone it over time.  

Leadership is a craft.  Allow yourself to practice and hone on your way to mastery.

I’ve studied magic and I’ve studied martial arts.

I’ve studied leadership, transitions, relationships, and communication.

I’m studying public speaking.

And, I can proudly say that I’m pretty good at each of those.  

I’ve studied guitar and I’ve studied Spanish.  I can modestly say that I’m not very good at either of those.

What makes the difference?  Practice.
Practice makes the difference.

Pro ball players practice the basics – EVERY DAY.
Professionals in any area practice the basics.

Pro players know that they miss more than they make their shots.  At least at first.

They also practice so much that the basics become second nature, like body memory.

And they have coaches, even those at the top of their game have coaches, because perspective counts.

Be prepared to give what you’ve got, authentically.

Be prepared to fail.  Be willing to analyze the failure and learn from it.  The failure then becomes your true teacher. And that’s not cliché.  It’s the place of focus and the place where more practice is needed. 

We’re into 2019.
Get Bold.

Get a coach.  I get better because I seek training from masters.  It helps me build mastery. When I work with clients who are at the top of their game, they climb even higher.  It’s incredible to see breakthroughs. 

You’ve got this.
You’ve GOT this.

Want your breakthrough?  Get to and reserve your space in my exclusive breakthrough retreat in San Diego in April.  Thaw out a little and grow a lot. Details are there. No hard-sell here. You’ll know if it’s right for you.

Rock your week.  See you here next Wednesday.

Keep Making Your Magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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