Do You Know What Pandora Had Left?

wednesdays with wayne Oct 25, 2017

In reflecting on mythology recently – actually, I was reflecting on some of the recent world tragedies – I was reminded of the concept of Pandora’s Box.  When opened, all kinds of chaos was released.  

Do you know what remained after everything else had been let loose?

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In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, we’re looking at TWO ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS for a positive life and great leadership.  What two elements do you need for a more positive outlook and a more fulfilling life?

One of them is HOPE.  Yes, it was hope that remained in Pandora’s Box when everything else had been released into the world.  It’s hope that allows you to move forward, especially after setbacks.  

Do not build your future on hope.  Hope does NOT create a solid foundation for growth.  In fact, it’s more like fuel.  You need hope to fuel the car; hope in itself is not the car.  Hope can drive you to take the action steps you need to take, even if it’s just one step at a time, to break through to your next level.

The other essential:  Resilience.  You WILL be knocked down.  I almost said, you will fall down.  And that’s probably true, too.  The thing is, you will have setbacks.  No one deliberately sets out to fall or to fail.  And, when you know that setbacks will happen, they’re no longer construed as failure.

Fall forward.

Everyone falls (or is shoved) from time to time.  Those caught in the storms or fires didn’t set out to have their homes/offices/lives destroyed.  And yet nature had other plans.  And yet, they know they must carry on.  How?

Hope + Resilience + Action = Positive Momentum For A Brighter Future

What gives you hope for the future?  Maybe it’s the way a flower grows up through the rubble.  Maybe it’s a loved one’s smile.  Maybe it’s pancakes.  Really, your trigger of hope could be any number of things.  What gives you hope for the future?   

And how resilient do you feel?  Your outlook (and ability to hope) determines your resilience.  You’ve been challenged.  Did the challenges crush you?  Nope!  How do I know?  You’re here!  You’re one of the amazing people in the world of over Seven Billion that is here.  You’re bettering yourself by challenging your thinking.  So while you might have been crushed in the past, you’re reminding yourself about your strengths (and resilience) that allow you to move forward.

And onward you go!  

Let me know what gives you hope.

Talk with me about what challenges or set-backs you’ve had and how you’ve bounced back!

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Until next time, Keep Making Your Magic™!!!

~ Dr P ~


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