Celebrating Life – my dad is 96 today!

wednesdays with wayne Mar 21, 2018

Do Good Stuff!

My dad’s legacy is a statement he makes as a salutation sign-off at the end of a conversation.  In The Significance Factor, I devoted a chapter to Do Good Stuff.  It’s a reminder for each of us to make a difference, to give back, and to keep investing in education both for yourself, as well as for others.

My journey is shaped by my father who modeled the way for so many of us.  I learned the value of giving back and being of service. He’s a bit of a “driver” type personality, so when he has an opinion about something or the way something should be done, he’ll let you know.

It was hard to grow up with; his opinion seemed to be THE opinion.  I think I came to the place of everyone needs to have their own voice because of how I was raised.  And now, as an adult, I’m figuring that out. Yes, I’m still figuring that out. The good news is that with social media, it’s clear that I’m not alone.

And neither are you.

You have a voice.
What you do matters.
Be sure to do it.

My lesson in Choosing Your Power was to dare to risk.  Risk Well™.  That means don’t go play on the freeway, but dare to explore.  Stay Curious and try something new today.

Today’s short lessons:
From me:  Risk Well
And from my dad: Do Good Stuff

Happy 96th birthday dad!!!!!

And with that, I’ll also remind you to Keep Making Your Magic™!!!

~ The other Dr P ~


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