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Bread, Yogurt, Petri Dishes, YOU

wednesdays with wayne Feb 22, 2023

What do bread, yogurt, petri dishes, good organizations, and you have in common?

Imagine a bailiff yelling, “All Rise” and you’d have your answer.


There’s a culture inside that helps growth happen. 

Truly great organizations recognize that it’s the mix of people, each with different stories and strengths, that make for a positive culture.


The environment must be a positive balance for any positive culture to grow.

This is where YOU come in! You set the tone for those around you to grow or to retrogress.


You lift others.

You shine the light and lead the way.


Or you diminish others in some vain attempt to make yourself more powerful.

We’ve seen this in politics, in organizations around the world, and in families.


As you’re reading this, you have solid examples of those who have lifted or inspired you along the way. And, you’ve probably had some visceral response to a memory of someone whose actions diminished those around them.  


Leadership styles are chosen. People ask me if leaders are born or made. I believe that each of us is a leader, as we are observed by others and can model the way. You make yourself the leader by choosing how you will show up in the world. 


Organizational leaders must be present to create the culture of the organization that fulfills the stated values and vision of that organization. Leaders must lead the way chefs and dairy farmers don’t leave their bread or yogurt to chance. Guidance and intervention are required.


And that’s where you come in.


How will your actions reflect positive interventions for growth in yourself and others today, tomorrow, and beyond?


Today’s actions of lifting others create the culture that will surround you. What will you promote and develop in your environment? What will you no longer tolerate? What will you filter in and filter out as a cultural fit for yourself? How might you stretch your beliefs to allow a new kind of culture in? Might that be growth? 


Re-read that last paragraph. 

Stretch deliberately. 


See you here next week. In the meantime, keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 

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