Addition By Subtraction

wednesdays with wayne Jan 16, 2024

The bills are coming in, the resolutions are dropping off, and the tensions related to getting back to reality are seeping through. And just like that, you’re backsliding.



You don’t get to backslide on my watch. It’s not what you’re doing here and it’s not who you are. Is going back easier even if it means there might be drama? Yes. Yes it is, even if it means more drama. That’s because your subconscious knows how to do the “put up with drama” loop.


Here’s what’s important to keep in mind: When you let go of the things you’ve been tolerating – that includes tension and drama – you become more.


There is addition to you by subtracting the detractors from you.


You become lighter, more focused, and dare I say, even joyful!


The bills – be joyful that you are paying them because of what you got in return for creating a delayed payment. The resolutions – be clear that they’re what you want and not some “supposed to” focus that you took on. Then, take one tiny step towards them. The drama – no one has time or energy for it. Get clear, get honest, and let it go.


It really is that simple.


Keep making your magic and I’ll see you here next week.


= Wayne = 

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