A Commitment To Your Best

wednesdays with wayne Jul 21, 2021

Doing your BEST. Being your BEST. Living your BEST life….


Those are such great concepts. So often I hear, “yeah, living the dream.” It’s a sad state of resolve that life isn’t that great and the person saying it is in a job they don’t love (or even like) and that they’re not really able to enjoy life at all.


Personally, I awaken perky. Annoyingly perky. I open my eyes and have gratitude, not for what the day holds, but rather for what I get to bring to the day.  Yes, I have obligations. Those are still “get to” items. Who put those things on my calendar? I did.


I’m responsible for what I put into my day.

I’m responsible for what I give to my day and for how I show up.


And because of that responsibility, I know that I need to be at my best. I’m at my best for me, for my family, and for the work I do. I’m at my best because by leveling up, I lift others around me. By lifting others, those who have been lifted will, in turn, lift. I choose to create positive ripples in the world and the only way to do that is to be at my best.


What about you?

Sucked into gossip or rumors (ah-hem… social media much)?

Playing the blame game? That’s a pattern of behavior based in fear and lack.


Your mindset matters. You can’t help anyone if you’re dancing in the space of how bad the world is. Both good and bad exist out there. I’m not blind to the “negative,” I just don’t live there.


One of my VIP clients recently asked me how to handle it when the people he hangs out with are all about telling stories of resentment and even revenge. How to handle it? Stop hanging out with those people. Seriously, don’t feed it and don’t get any on you. Negativity feeds negativity. Blame yields more blame, and never accountability.


Get accountable to yourself, first. Declare that you’ll live into your best self. Get an image of what that is and then use that image as a filter. YOU get to determine what’s IN and what’s not. You get to choose how to show up in your day and what energy to bring.


Want to be more productive? Decide what that looks like. Then be that. Align with that. And when you’re blown off course, reset, realign, and take another positive step forward.


It’s a commitment to YOURSELF to live into being yourself. No one can do that for you.


Keep Making Your Magic!


= Wayne =


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