The Challenge of Excellence

wednesdays with wayne May 26, 2021

The topic of Excellence is particularly near and dear to my heart. It’s a value I seek in others and one I hold dearly for my personal life and my brand. 


A little while back, during a casual conversation over a sushi dinner with a friend and client, I sought information about expectations as I prepared for presenting for his team the following day.


“John, what expectations do you have for me in my presentation tomorrow?”

“Excellence,” came John’s reply.

“Challenge accepted,” slipped from my lips as I smiled, lifting another sushi roll piece with my chopsticks.


I know, you might be lost at the sushi part. I happen to enjoy it, okay?


My friend mentioned that he expected excellence and I felt my body come alive.

The thing is that my friend wasn’t challenging me. I took it as such. I took his comment as a push to level up even further.


What I didn’t know is that he was endorsing me. 

He already saw me as excellent and was clearly happy about the work I had been doing with him. He was delighted to put me in front of his team simply because he expected me to be excellent.


What did he expect? The excellence I had always brought.

What had I heard? That he wanted me to level up further.


And why not? 

Every day, I’m about inspiring greatness and expecting excellence. I expect it in myself and I expect it in others. It’s how I keep myself leveling up. And it defines the upward spiral I’m engaging in. 


What expectations do you have for yourself?

For far too many, it’s just about getting through the day. You’ve got way too much to give to others to simply exist or find yourself in the land of surviving.  


I smile politely when people tell me they’re “living the dream,” clearly hating the life they’re living. When “Oh, sh*t” were the first words out of my mouth upon awakening each morning many years ago, I knew something had to change. And they did. Now, “thank you” are the first words I utter. Life wasn’t excellent. Now it is.


 Back to the big question: What expectations do you have for yourself?  What if you challenged yourself to – as Bill and Ted would say – Be Excellent!


The challenge of excellence means that everything changes. Everything.

Start to question yourself, your surroundings, the relationships you have, and the work you do?


What do you expect of yourself?

My motto will never be that I promise to live into being the most adequate I can be. 


I expect excellence every day. And I praise it when I find it.


Thanks for being here. That’s kind of, uh… excellent! 

Now, be that and pass it on! When we expect more of ourselves and each other, the world gets better.


See you here next week - inspiring greatness and expecting excellence!


= Wayne =


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