Goals and Deliberate Transition

wednesday's with wayne Aug 05, 2020

So you’re sick of being shut in and you’re fed up with the rules that we’re having to abide by. You’re an introvert and still feel like you miss people? You’re an extrovert and want to Velcro yourself to someone, anyone, at the grocery store?


Can you imagine what would happen if, tomorrow for example, it was announced that we were all okay to get back out there? Go on, get back to your “normal” lives!  

There’d be pandemonium.


Most people have actually found things they like about their new schedule. We’ve been practicing this for four+ months now. Personally, I appreciate that I can be called to do a television segment and don’t have to get on an airplane to do it. My commute is 30 seconds to my home studio. (Google my name and at the top of the page, hit the “News” tab to see what’s up.)  I also like exercising at home more than I thought I would. Weird stuff; and there are things to like.


I know that some businesses are tanking. It’s sad to see our local restaurants and shops taking huge hits. The nature of our town is shifting. And yet, it seems, we’re pulling together to support small business and each other.


Remember, none of this is personal. This is a pandemic; that means it’s widespread globally. No single person woke up and decided that today was the day that you, and only you, had to stay home and that you’d be forced to wear a mask if you did go out.


No one woke up and said that you, and only you, would have to obey traffic lights or even wear a seatbelt or drive sober. There are “impositions” put on everyone for the sake of everyone, whether any of us like them or not.


This isn’t about what you can’t have.

It’s about what you can do, have, or be with what you DO have!


So let’s talk about where you are with your goal(s) and your deliberate transition.  


You have permission.


You have permission to let go of other people’s voices in your head. You have permission to pursue your goals and aspirations no matter what other people think and no matter what the external circumstances right now. No, we can’t travel or do vacations as planned. And, we do have options available to us.


In the martial arts, one key training I’d offer was to hold the mindset of “what’s available to me now?”  It gets you to focus on the options you have, not what’s been taken away.


Focus on YOUR dreams and goals, not what others think might be reasonable or realistic for you. Their comments reflect their limitations, not yours. 

You have permission to reflect on what you’re doing as being courageous and resilient.  


Who do you want to be?

What do you want to pursue?




Do that!


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~ Dr P ~


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