3 Cs for the week

wednesdays with wayne Jul 25, 2018

Let’s jump right in for this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne.  There are three things that will propel you forward right now.

You’ve got to step into a place of courage; do that thing you know you should do.  Take one little action to give you the growth you need to be that bigger person you know you can be.  No one is waiting to discover you. Step forward. (Pick up the phone, write that thing you’ve been sitting on, get out your running shoes, whatever it is, take that first step.)

Practice that with consistency.
Take that step once.
Then, do it again.
Prove to yourself (this isn’t for anyone else) that you can do the thing and do it again.  It’s not a one-and-done.

You’ve got to stay on it and commit.
Demonstrate your commitment to being a better you, every single day.  Sure, maybe consistency and commitment go hand-in-hand.  If you see it that way, then it’s only a two-step process!

If you want to be in a better space for yourself, your family, and your work, then you need to look at who you need to become.  Set your sites on who you want to be. Take one courageous step toward that today. (Just one.)

Then, repeat that tomorrow.  

Courage →  Consistency → Commitment!

Say those things out loud and make this YOUR day!

See you here next week.  Until then, keep making your magic™

~ Dr P ~

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