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Early registration starts now for the retreat that will be held on October 18th and 19th. To keep us all warm, it looks like we're headed to the Las Vegas area (it's easy to get to and fun if you want to stay for the whole weekend).

Click the button below to take advantage of early registration. Taking fast action earns you 10% off and this pricing won't last long. $2,197 - 10% off for early registration = $1,977.30

This is a commitment to your growth and an investment in your future. To manage event costs, the registration fee is a non-refundable deposit.
That said, this fee will be returned immediately if, as we create the best possible group mix, we aren't certain about your fit with our group right now. Your answers to the registration form help guide creating the right mix of people in the room. The retreat will bring breakthrough results and will focus on your values, thinking styles, creativity, leadership, mindset, and action steps.

We typically start Friday at 1pm and go into the evening together (including dinner). Saturday is a full day, starting in the morning and running till around 5pm (leaving plenty of time for you to catch a flight out, a show, or a great dinner on your own).

Looking forward to seeing you there! You've found your way here. You're committing to making a difference for yourself. I can't wait to read your application! Thank you for being here!

Stuck At The Top

Are you a leader that feels like you’ve reached the top, hit your goals and now…. You’re lost at what is next?

Face it, when you started your journey as an entrepreneur, an author, practitioner or expert in your field, you chased the adrenaline, burned the midnight oil, sacrificed and hustled until you got to the top. But there’s a nagging feeling inside of you that wonders, ‘How can I be more, have more and serve more?’

For over four decades I’ve been in the trenches with leaders just like you, talking about things that typically only get opened up and unboxed over bourbon, a glass of wine and when their guard is down. We uncover this topic of, “What else is there?” and tap into your own personal strengths so that you can not only go to the next level, you earn some laser sharp shortcuts to bring external results QUICKLY, you’ll know you’ve hit the target.

Let me give you a psychological advantage in everything you’re doing that will not only make your competitors wonder how things are happening, but you’ll also know that you have hit the next level. That level you’ve been dreaming of. Where bigger dreams are made, and the things that matter, are still in tact as the top priorities.

Join me on October 18th and 19th in Las Vegas for the breakthrough retreat that has been called life changing and a required event to be at by many high level leaders. “Stuck At The Top” will not only get you unstuck, it will release you to the next level with less effort, and greater satisfaction.

Looking for more clarity and direction? The attendees of previous retreats have said that they walk away with tools and strategies that help them right where they live, to go right where they want to be. Many leaders say they have families again, meaning they reconnect with their loved ones because of the breakthrough they get. They fall in love with their significant other again and happiness becomes not only a key ingredient in their life, they feel like the sky is really and truly the limit.  

In the journey of becoming who you deserve to be, at home and in the world, you’ll discover more freedom, greater satisfaction and specifically, have keys to a psychological advantage in your field. THIS IS where the real battle begins and ends, in our thinking and how we relate to others. I’ll share with you things that the next level requires and how you can learn to operate there without a whole lot of effort or strain.

So why do you still feel like something is missing?

It’s because that climb to success changed you. You aren’t who you were when you first started and so the success that you’ve attained doesn’t feel as fulfilling as it should. But understanding this change can help you to not only prepare yourself for the next level, it will give you an unfair advantage in the process.

I get it. As a #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and High Performance Leadership Advisor, my focus is on breaking through to more.

As one of a select group of people you will find greater clarity and more control over your day. You’ll let go of what doesn’t matter and focus on what matters most! Right now, that’s YOU!

Let’s get started.

Here what you’ll get by spending two days with me:

  • You’ll get clear on what matters and what doesn’t
  • Reprioritizing will no longer be a struggle
  • You’ll stop apologizing for what you want
  • Find the clues that keep showing up that it’s time for you to go to the next level and how to get there
  • Discerning the best way to expand your life and your business
  • Psychological tricks that make decision making easier (and faster!)
  • How to reconnect with people that matter and do it with heart
  • Finding your personal strengths that you’re not fully utilizing
  • Become a super productive high-performer as you Learn Now Skills
  • You’ll have courage to start daring to declare what you want
  • Increase your influence and connection with the world

And more!

This exclusive retreat is for 12 people ONLY.


Total Investment:  $2197 per person

Includes: Entrance to Stuck At The Top Breakthrough Retreat, a great dinner together, and other fun surprises!

Date: October 18th and 19th, Las Vegas, NV

Time: Friday 18th: Noon - 6pm; Saturday 19th: 9am - 5pm

To work with Dr Pernell in a 1:1 intensive six-month program, click here.

Can't make October 18th and 19th? Click here to be put on the waiting list for the next one in the Spring of 2020!



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