My work with leaders and entrepreneurs is about reengagement with self - finding that authentic place from which to spring forward, driving productivity and personal fulfillment.

6-Month to 1-Year Intensive VIP Offerings

Sometimes people get stuck, know they’re stuck, and are smart enough to reach out for the perspective of a professional advisor. Individual one-to- one consultations (usually via phone or the Internet) are available on an as-needed basis or as part of a greater package. A quick strategy session will help us determine what path would serve you best.


The exclusive DynamicLeader High Performance Leadership Coaching Program is not for everyone. It IS for you if you are already successful and know that you can break through to more, but you may not know what that “more” is. So imagine…

- Imagine what it would be like to wake up with absolute certainty (and joy), feeling in charge of YOU.

- Imagine bringing vitality and energy to every setting, simply because you want to and certainly because you can!

- Ponder boldly stepping into (instead of meekly backing away from) doing the hard things you know you need to do.

- Build some life hacks that allow you to get on top of your day instead of feeling owned by so many other people!

- And really think about your presence and influence, getting support from family and friends, being noticed when you come into a room because you own it.

THAT’S HIGH PERFORMANCE! That’s what so many High Performers have that you’ll get access to! In the DynamicLeader Select Advising Program, we’ll have calls every other week over the course of six months. We'll work through twelve modules with accompanying worksheets and notes from our calls in a framework that is both proven and personalized.  The outcome is that you become a better leader as you become more present and purposeful at work AND at home.

It’s powerful and it isn’t for everybody. If you think this is for you, or if you want more information, please click the button below to book a call with me today.




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